“Local Service by Local People”

Tritech Wireless, LLC was formed from the need to provide internet to our local communities which are underserved or not served at all. For many in our rural communities, the only option for internet is satellite or limited DSL. As we’ve progressed into the future, the expectation for fast, reliable internet has become more and more of a necessity, a utility if you will. Students need access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection in order to complete homework assignments to keep from falling behind. Many in our workforce need the ability to work remotely from home, and sometimes, this is a deciding factor for those looking to relocate to our area or even industry looking to move into our communities. Fixed wireless internet is a viable solution to bridge the gap in the digital divide for our rural communities.

It is the vision of Tritech Wireless, LLC to provide unique internet solutions to those in our rural community at a fair price, without nickel and diming, while providing friendly local support by local people, without having to deal with the merry-go-round of phone menus. While today we’re only available in the immediate Bethlehem Community, we have plans of expanding into several rural communities, but we will be doing so in a methodical, well tested manner that doesn’t focus on the number of clients, but solid relationships by forming reliable internet connections to those in our communities. Fixed wireless is not satellite internet; it is not cellular internet, nor does it depend on a cable or phone line. Instead, you’re connected wirelessly directly to a local tower in your community.